It hasn’t been a bad winter for us in the soft south-east has it? But for those who struggle with poverty and who need to find shelter, it must be miserable on the streets.

I have not had any events this winter apart from collecting toiletries and KNICKERS and boy have you come up trumps! I have lots of shampoos, conditioners, shower gels as well as a few gift sets and am about to distribute these to hostels who can use them. If you haven’t much disposable income buying toiletries may not be your priority.

Because I hate the thought of anyone being cold, this winter I have bought hand warmers too which I have given out to anyone I have met outside who looks as if they might be able to use them. These have gone down a treat!

I hope soon to be helping lots more people. Tell me if you know of any group who I could help. Thank you for your donations and for reading this.