“The year of the Woman 2018”.

I am delighted to have met Joanna Lumley. We have had many conversations and I am thrilled that she has generously contributed to the fund and is now my patron and she is passionate about what I am trying to do to help underprivileged women.

Join with JOANNA and me THE KNICKER LADY to help women wherever we can to feel good about themselves and to be who they really want to be without being held back by poverty that denies them these BASIC NEEDS.

I hope the factory will be started soon in 2018. We have the land but need more money to be able to totally build the factory and to buy the machinery

In late 2017 “That’s Life” magazine ran a series of articles about my project and have been wonderful. They have collected NEW KNICKERS nationwide and soon those will be delivered to Zambia.

JOIN WITH ME I need you!

Could you collect NEW KNICKERS over a period of time?

Could you be a KNICKER LADY too. Reporting back to me about any fund raising events you set up?

Can you tell people about my work, go and speak at women’s groups or Rotary Clubs etc?

Once this factory is up and running I will continue sending KNICKERS to the women and girls in Mpongwe BUT ALSO I will start to COLLECT KNICKERS FOR ANYONE IN UK that is in need. There are desperately poor people here too.

I will need people across the country to act as drop off points for THE KNICKER LADY knickers?

Or do you have a business that could sponsor the project? The factory will need ongoing financial support to get it up and running. COULD YOUR BUSINESS be involved – a little money will go a long way in Zambia and you can in exchange be given PUBLICITY wherever possible? This is such a feel- good project.

Please visit THE NEWS PAGE here which I will constantly keep updated as anything significant takes place including FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES.

Please donate any monies to The Knicker Lady account. No money whatsoever will be used for any administration. Every penny will go to EMPOWERING WOMEN SANITARY TOWEL project or any subsequent initiative.

Just to add a little about me. Well I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I write poetry and love so many things in this life but mainly being home with friends and family. I am happiest when I am with them or when we are in the garden with dogs and chickens!! I count my blessings and know that I am lucky to have the life I have.

Thank you for your interest.

Read more about me and my work, check out The Empowering Women Sanitary Towel Project and keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates